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BBVA Compass Bank was founded in 1964 in Birmingham, Alabama. It is one of the largest banks in the United States of America, with over 600 locations across the country. The bank offers a variety of services for both personal and small businesses including mortgages and credits. As their customer, you can use their products with a BBVA Compass Bank login account on their website.

BBVA Compass Bank Reviews

Overall, BBVA Compass Bank has quite positive reviews.

“I’ve had a couple of accounts with BBVA Compass when my wallet got stolen and both of them were compromised. When I reported the incident, the bank immediately froze my accounts. When the personal banker at my branch was getting ready to open a new checking and savings account for me, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of research she’d done regarding my previous accounts and what my financial goals are. She was then able to put my money in a savings account that would maximize my profit based on my needs.”

“My husband and I have been using BBVA Compass for about 3 years now. We spent a lot of time going through different banks trying to find one that fits all of our needs and wants. BBVA has everything we want and then some. The customer service has always been wonderful and helpful anytime we’ve needed to contact them. I hate that we wasted so much time looking for the perfect bank when we had one, literally, right down the street from our house. Whenever a friend or relative starts complaining about their bank, we tell them about how great BBVA Compass is. This is a great bank!”

Reviews are found on Wallethub.

“My wife, and I have been debating on consolidating our credit cards for quite a while, so we inquired about a personal installment loan. Our loan officer was very nice throughout the whole experience, even though my wife has a pretty hectic schedule, and can be pretty hard to get in contact with at times! She was very open, and honest about our options, and we took the best option per her recommendation. We are very excited about our big step towards financial freedom. If you need an easy, no hassle loan, (with a great interest rate/incentives) you cannot go wrong with BBVA Compass!”

“I have had my savings account with BBVA for over 5 years now. Their customer service has always been extremely helpful and timely. I have had many offers to transfer my account elsewhere but always decline due to the high level of satisfaction I have received from this great bank! BBVA is very forgiving when “life” situations happen such as minor over-drafts etc. These kinds of things happen for one reason or another and Compass has always helped me through them.”

“I’ve liked BBVA’s service from the start. It’s a Spanish company and when Spain was having economic problems, I was concerned, but there haven’t been any problems at all. The girls at the counters are always helpful and nice. The managers are competent. I like that there are no fees at all with my direct deposit. When I had to get something notarized there was no fee. The banks in the stores have great hours. AND they have NBA credits cards!”


Login To BBVA Compass Bank

To login and use your online account, first go to the following website:

bbva compass bank login

The first thing that you are going to see at the top of the homepage is the Sign In and the Apply now option. If you already have an account, click on Sign In.

sign in bbva compass bank

This menu will drop where you enter your user ID and your password to login to BBVA Compass Bank.

If you still don’t have an account, you can create one by clicking on Apply Now (you can see it right next to Sign In at the very top as we explained before).

Then, choose the service you are using and proceed entering the information to register for an account.

Contact BBVA Compass Bank

You can find information about the support team of BBVA Compass Bank if you need some help or have any questions as their customer.

contact bbva compass bank

Again, on the homepage, right above the BBVA Compass Bank login menu, you can see Contact Us.

This directs you to a page where you can choose which way you want to contact BBVA Compass Bank. You can reach out to them by phone, you can leave a request for them to call you, or you can contact BBVA Compass Bank through their online banking system.

BBVA Compass Bank Wire Transfer

BBVA Compass Bank allows both international and domestic wire transfers, even through their online banking system.

  • For a domestic wire transfer at BBVA Compass Bank, you will need to provide the following information: your full name, your pin number, your telephone number and whether the wire is repetitive or non repetitive. For a repetitive wire transfer you will also need to provide the repetitive code and the amount of money that are going to go through this transfer. For a non repetitive wire you will need to provide the debit account number, account name, receiving bank aba routing number, beneficiary name, beneficiary address if available, and account number.
  • For an international wire transfer at BBVA Compass Bank, you will need to contact BBVA Compass Bank for further steps. This is how you can do so:

bbva compass bank wire transfer

All international wire instructions must contain pertinent information including name of receiving Bank, Branch
address, City, and Country. Any special identification numbers or information, beneficiary name, address, and account
number should also be included.

BBVA Compass Bank Routing Numbers

The following are routing numbers for BBVA Compass Bank:

  • Alabama: 062001186
  • Colorado: 107005319
  • Texas: 113010547
  • Arizona: 122105744
  • Florida: 063013924
  • California: 321170538
  • New Mexico: 107000783


BBVA Compass Bank SWIFT Code

The SWIFT code for BBVA Compass Bank is CPASUS44.

The fees for international wire transfers are $15 for incoming and $45 for outgoing transactions. The fees for domestic wire transfers are $12 for incoming and $20 for outgoing transactions.

Through the BBVA Compass Bank login you can be an online user. Everything you need is perfectly put together in the bank’s online banking system, and this will cut a lot on the time spent doing administrative things.

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