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Berkshire Bank was founded in 1846, and the headquarters of the bank are in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It is one of the oldest and one of the largest bank located in the Western part of Massachusetts. They offer products like checking, savings, retirement, ATM and debit cards including both personal and business banking. Among their services is their online system for online banking and managing your account through the Berkshire Bank login system.

Login to Berkshire Bank

First of all, go to their website:

This is how the homepage of the Berkshire Bank’s website looks like:

berkshire bank login


There Berkshire Bank login process is a little bit different than on most bank websites. You’ll notice that as we go through the steps of explaining how to login. First, you will notice that there is a personal and a business:

login to berkshire bank

Here, you insert your user ID and press continue.

Bekrshire has a strong security system for logging in to their website. Before you enter your actual password, Berkshire will send a one time security code on your phone, or make you answer a few security questions to verify your identity.

berkshire bank security code login

After you verify your identity, you can proceed with the Berkshire Bank login.

If you want to sign up, click on the Enroll button on the homepage, right next to the login options.

berkshire bank sign up

Here, you can choose the type of account you are enrolling for, and proceed with entering the rest of the information required so you can get an account.

Contact Berkshire Bank

To contact the bank if you have any questions or need any help, scroll to the bottom of their homepage. Then, click on Contact Us.

contact berkshire bank

This directs you to a page where either you can leave a message to their customer support team, or you can call the number you see on top of the page.

berkshire bank contact


Berkshire Bank Wire Transfer

The bank allows the customers both domestic and international wire transfers.

Berkshire Bank Routing Number

The routing number for wire transfers through Berkshire Bank is 211871691.

Berkshire Bank SWIFT Code

Berkshire Bank has only one SWIFT code that you can use. The following are information about it:



Bank Name Berkshire Bank
Address  99 North Street
City Pittsfield, MA
Postcode 01202
Country United States

One important thing to mention about the Berkshire Bank wire transfers is that the online system does not offer sending wires from the comfort of your home. For both domestic and international wire transfers, you need to visit the local branch of the Berkshire. The fee for domestic wire transfers is $25 for every transaction.

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