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Bremer Bank is held by Bremer Financial Corporation founded in 1943 by Otto Bremer. The bank operates in North Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The bank provides services like insurance, wealth management, trust, banking and investment. Their clients include individuals, families, small businesses, nonprofits and many more. In this guide you can learn about the Bremer Bank login process on their website.

Bremer Bank Reviews

Most of Bremer Bank’s customers are pretty happy with it. The Bremer Bank ATM services have zero dollar fees. The customer service is friendly and always helpful. A great thing is that Bremer has a lot of clients that stuck with the bank for more than a decade — growing with the bank and having great service. Bremer Bank has great overdraft policies that after all are made to help you not make any overdrafts or deal with them in the future. Their website is very user friendly and you can use it to make payments, keep a track on your accounts or even seek help from customer service – all from the comfort of your home and without any effort. If you are a college student that is in their early adult years and needs some direction with their first adult financial responsibilities – then Bremer might be a good choice for you. Their customer service is very friendly and helpful, and they do have a lot of customers that started using the services when they were students themselves. Being familiar with such group of clients, Bremer is familiar with your needs, so you can give it a try if you are searching for a bank to help you with this.

Login to Bremer Bank

So, to login to Bremer Bank, first open their website.

bremer bank login

As you can see, the homepage is really neat and well organized. Nothing seems overwhelming. Everything is put into categories so you can easily find your way around what you need. To login to Bremer Bank, click on the Login button that you see on top.

Once you click on it, the menu that you see on the right will open up. To login, you need to enter the account type and the online system. The types of account you can choose from are personal banking, business banking and wealth management. The online systems include online banking, mobile banking, credit card, Bremer trust online, plan sponsor and merchant card.

After you select the type of account and the online system, click on Sign In.

If you are new to the website and you still don’t have a Bremer Bank login account, click on Enroll to create one. You have the choice between a personal and a business account.

This is the information required so you can open an account for a personal Bremer Bank login. You need your name, your social security number, your e-mail address and zip code, your bank account number and the balance on your bank account.

bremer bank busness account login

To create an account for a business Bremer Bank login, the process is a little more different. You need to enter personal information, as well as information about the company.

After you are done, click Continue.

Contact Bremer Bank

You have probably already noticed the number that Bremer Bank provides so you can contact them if you have any questions. However, they do provide a lot of help with questions that they have answered on their website. They are divided into categories so you can get your answer fast. Scroll down to the bottom of the website’s homepage and click on Help&FAQs.

contact bremer bank

Online Login also created a list of relevant contact information that were found on the official website:

  • Sending a secure message: If you use Online Banking, you can send them a secure message after logging in
  • Visiting us in person: Visit any branch
  • Bremer Bank Mail: Bremer Service Center, 8555 Eagle Point Boulevard, PO Box 1000, Lake Elmo, MN 55042
  • Bremer Bank Fax: 651-734-4215

Bremer Bank Swift Code

The following is the swift code at Bremer Bank, as well as the other information you need for an international transaction:

bremer bank swift code

Bremer Bank Routing Number

The following is the bank routing number for Bremer Bank:

bremer bank routing number

Bremer Bank Wire Transfer

As you already noticed, Bremer Bank provides the clients both, international and domestic transactions.

As the website says:

All incoming wire transfers within the United States are received by Bremer Bank and then forwarded to the client’s account based on the wiring instructions below. The cutoff time is 4:30 p.m. CT. A wire being sent within the United States generally takes 1-2 hours to arrive once it has been sent.

International wires may take several days to be received. The originating sender is required to provide their full address when sending the incoming wire.


Bremer’s website on first glance looks like it won’t offer much. However you can find all of the things that you need, neatly organized in sections that are very user friendly. Having an online login account at Bremer gives the client a lot of benefits. The bank works with both domestic and international transfers, which is great. You can create an account tailored for your specific needs thanks to the good design of their online system. That way you can log in to Bremer’s website and not wander around once you have registered for the account that you specifically need.

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