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Merrick bank was founded in 1997. There are over 2 million Merrick card users, and over 2 and a half billion dollars that Merrick loaned to them. The bank is in the top 20 visa issuers, and it is also an authorized master card issuer. The bank offers services for an affordable price, and cares about the customer’s long term financial stability. Merrick has been active in the community by donating to its programs and non profit organizations. On their website you can find their Financial Education Center. This Center educates people about banking and other finance topics. As their consumer there are plenty of online services you can use if you have an account. Here’s a guide to a Merrick Bank login.

Merrick Bank Reviews

The experience that people have with Merrick Bank according to the reviews left is pretty positive. The customers are pretty happy with the credits that the bank offers. Another thing that customers are very satisfied with is the very responsive and helpful customer service. Their phone app and website are very user friendly and people find them helpful in making transactions from the comfort of their homes. A small downside are the interest rates that Merrick has compared to most of the competitors.The bank does reward those customers that make their payments on time consistently. If you are someone that wants to rebuild their credit, then Merrick might be the bank that you are looking for as many customers are very happy with the experience they had while rebuilding their credits.

All In all, Merrick does have positive reviews. They offer people credits that they can pay off, and if done in time you will get a credit card limit increase, which is awesome! This combined with no annual fees to pay makes Merrick an attractive option. You get friendly customer service and apps to keep you away from the long lines in the bank.

However, the bank sometimes fails to notify clients about changes in their credit card accounts, so it is good to use their online system and check it regularly to see if any changes are happening.

Login to Merrick Bank 

For a Merrick Bank login visit their official website.

merrick bank homepage

This is what the homepage looks like. At the right corner on top you can see the Account Login option. Click on it.

It directs you to this page where you can log in to Merrick by entering your username and password. After you do so, just click on Log In. On this page you can also recover your account in case you can not remember your userame or your password. Click on Forgot your password/username. Then enter your account’s number and username if your password is lost. If your username is lost,the website will guide you to further steps to recover it after you click this option.

If you are new to the website and still don’t have an account, it is on this page that you can register for one. Click on Enroll.

merrick bank login

On this next page, you can start the registration process.

merrick bank register

As you can see, you start your registration by entering your account number. Then, you proceed with personal information like your name and date of birth, social security number etc. After you finish with entering all the information click Next.

Once you’re done with the registration, you will already have an account to log in to Merrick with.

Contacting Merrick Bank

To contact Merrick, go back to the homepage and scroll down at the bottom. You will see the Contact Merrick Bank field. Click on it.

contact merrick bank

It will direct you to a page with information about support and payments as well as further questions you may want to ask.

Merrick Bank Routing Number

There are two routing numbers for Merrick:

Routing Number Process FedACH Process Fedwire Location Registered Name
124384602 Y Y South Jordan, UT Merrick Bank Corporation
124385274 Y N South Jordan, UT Merrick Bank Corporation


Merrick Bank Wire Transfer

Merrick doesn’t have a SWIFT code. However, wire transfers are possible even internationally. An international wire transfer can be made if the sender has a correspondent USA bank. Then, they are sent domestically with the routing number of the bank. For both types wire transfers through Merrick you need to provide the following information:

  • Beneficiary Bank  
  • Routing Number
  • Address of Bank
  • Beneficiary’s Name
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number

Merrick Customer Service 

The following are information that you can use to contact Merrick:

For Merrick Bank Customer Service

  • Mail:  Merrick Bank Customer Service; P.O. Box 9201; Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001
  • Phone: 1-800-204-5936

For Merrick Bank Payment

The first and most obvious way to make a payment is through their Merrick Bank login system online. But, if you don’t have an account yet, you can use the following information to make a payment at Merrick Bank:

  • USPS Mail: Merrick Bank; P.O. Box 660702; Dallas, TX 75266-0702
  • Overnight Payments: Merrick Bank #660702; 1500 Dragon St., Suite A; Dallas, TX 75207

Merrick Credit Card Application Inquiries 

  • Merrick Bank Credit Department: P.O. Box 1442; Draper, UT 84020-1442

Merrick Recreation Lending 

  • Merrick Bank Recreation Lending: Customer Service P.O. Box 1500; Draper, Utah 84020-1500
  • Phone: 1-888-545-5777
  • Recreation Lending Payments: Merrick Bank; P.O. Box 660880; Dallas, TX 75266-0800

Merrick Bank Corporate Office

Merrick Bank
P.O. Box 5000
Draper, UT 84020-5000



Merrick’s online banking is great. They allow you to make payments online, as well as even go totally paperless about all your bank related things. Their center for financial education is great. There’s a menu with frequently asked questions and a blog with useful articles too so even if you are not a member of the bank you can still read about it. So, with a simple Merrick bank login you can have a lot of benefits! If you are a user of their services definitely consider getting into their online banking as well. A friendly customer service, no annual feels and increased credit card limit if you regularly make your payments – who wouldn’t want something like that?

The online system of Merrick Bank is very simple to use and very helpful. 

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