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JCPenney is a department store for window and home decor, bedding, clothing and appliances. The company has a chain of stores all over the USA, as well as Puerto Rico. As a cardholder of their credit card, you can operate with your card online. This guide will show you all about the process of registration, as well as the JCPenney credit card login process. Let’s get started:

JCPenney Credit Card Reviews


Login To JCPenney

To login to JCPenny, first click here.

JCPenney Credit Card Login

If you already have an account, insert the user ID. That is the first step. After you do so, you will be able to enter the password. This is simply because of better security.

If you still don’t have an account for the online system, but you want to create one, click on Register Here, or click on this link to take you to the registration page.

jcpenny credit card registrationThis is how the registration page looks like. In order to begin the registration, the first thing you need to do is enter your account number. There are two conditions that get you started: for you to be the primary account holder, and for you to be the person that has the credit card in their possession.

Once you finish creating a new account, go back to the homepage, and proceed with the JCPenney credit card login.

Apply for a JCPenney Card

You can apply for a JCPenney Card online.

Click here.

This directs you to a page where you enter all the information that JCPenney needs in order to create a credit card application for you.

Click on this link to see the most frequently asked questions.

How To Cancel A JCPenney Credit Card

Even though you can apply for a JCPenney credit card online, canceling the JCPenney credit card isn’t that simple. You can cancel your credit card by sending them a letter. However, this is definitely something that most of us want to avoid, so a much more simple alternative is to call them and let them know that you want your JCPenney Credit Card canceled. A representative from the customer service will guide you through all the steps and you will be able to cancel your JCPenney Credit Card.

It might not be as simple as applying for one, but as long as you are talking to a representative, you should be fine. Much better than sending a letter to their PO box. And much faster as well.


You can find the number that you need to call on your most recent statement. You will be asked why you want to cancel your card, and also asked to provide personal information, so be patient and kind while answering these questions.


Having a JCPenny account comes with a lot of benefits. If you have a card, then join the online community! This way you can view your account summary, update information, download activity. You can make online payments as well.

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