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Old Navy credit cart gives you great discounts on the Old Navy. If you are a regular shopper at Old Navy, a fan of fashion and someone that affords themselves a liiiiittle bit more than they should – then this discount card will definitely help you feel less guilty. As a cardholder you can manage your Old Navy credit card online, and in this guide we will show you the Old Navy credit card login, registration process and the benefits you get from it:

Reviews From Old Navy Credit Card Holders

Wallethub provides reviews from credit card holders that already have the card in use. If you want an insight of the benefits of the Old Navy Credit card, here are a few reviews:


Login To Old Navy

To begin with the Old Navy login process, click here first.

old navy credit card login

This is the homepage for the Old Navy credit card login, so if you already have an account, just enter your user ID and your password and click Secure Login. This is where you can find your user ID and reset your password as well.

If you still don’t have an account, you can register for one by clicking on Register, or simply clicking here.

register old navy

To start the registration, enter your card number, your zip code and click Continue. Once you finish the registration you will be able to go back and start the Gap credit card login as we explained before.

Contact Old Navy

For any questions related to the account, you can reach out to Old Navy on the following number:


How To Cancel An Old Navy Credit Card

The best way to do this is to call the customer service and talk to a representative. Make sure you have your ends cleared out and that you don’t end up being in debt. Being heard by someone with a request like this works much better than sending an e-mail or a letter, so calling them would be the best option if you want to cancel your Old Navy Credit Card.


If you are into fashion, and you enjoy always refreshing your wardrobe, then the Old Navy credit card is a good choice for you. You can use it in Gap and Banana Republic as well. With the discounts it offers, you can always catch a great deal, and every time you purchase something, you get rewarded with points. All in all, if you are a responsible shopper with responsible credit card behavior, then this credit card is not going to let you down.

So, if you love shopping and you are a regular at Old Navy, Banana Republic or Gap, get yourself even better deals with the credit card.

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