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The Priceline Visa credit card is great for people who travel often. Through their credit card and their website you can get a lot of cool rewards and discounts as a member. For every dollar spend on the Priceline Visa card, you get one rewarding point. With the Priceline Visa you even get a lot of reward points upfront. There is no annual fee to pay, and the best combo to use it with is the actual Priceline website. There is an online system for a Priceline Visa login, and in this guide we will show you how to use it.

Priceline Visa Reviews

The credit card has the following rewards:

  • 5,000 points after your first card purchase or balance transfer made within 30 days from account opening
  • 10% points back every time you redeem points for statement credits toward eligible or travel purchases of $25 or more made in the last 120 days
  • 5 points per dollar on eligible purchases; 1 point per $1 spent on everything else
  • 1 point per dollar on balance transfers in the first 60 days, up to a maximum 5,000 points
  • Redeemed points for statement credits toward merch, purchases, and gift cards .

Customers on Wallethub have left reviews about the benefits they get from this card. Here’s a few of them:

“I have had the Priceline Credit Card for 5 months now, and haven’t had any significant problems or issues. I travel a lot for my business, which is great for this card. The interest rate if you have a carry-over balance is higher than my Chase credit card, but is still pretty decent compared to most. I just wouldn’t put a balance on this card that I couldn’t pay off each month. I earn a

“This card is a must have for anyone who does any amount of traveling. The bonus points and rewards with this card quickly add up. Right after your first purchase you get 5000 bonus points that can be used hotels or flights, or other travel related categories. Overall an awesome card to have.”

“Holy rewards! I didn’t realize I was getting 10,000 points after my first purchase! My first purchase on this card was rather large, but I wasn’t expecting such a high rate or rewards! I have earned enough rewards using the Priceline card to take my wife on a weekend vacation, and both our flight and hotel were covered by using our rewards. Not only are the rewards great, but the interest rate is at a

“The Priceline credit card is great for people who travel a lot for business because of their points system. The bonus 5,000 points after your first purchase is a great incentive; however, you need to pay a great deal of attention to what your are spending and the points that you are accumulating to make getting this card worth it. You would also need to pay off your balance every month to avoid interest. I

Ideally, the longer you are away from home – the more benefits you get with the Priceline Visa credit card.

Login To Priceline Visa

For a Priceline Visa login, click here.

priceline visa login

You can see the login menu on the right. If you are an existing user, all you need to do is enter your password and username, and click Log In. This is also where you can recover your account in case you can’t remember your username or password. If you have already applied as a cardholder online, you can follow the status of your application from this website.

If you are a cardholder, but you still need to register your card for online access, click on Set Up Online Access.

priceline visa register

To proceed with the registration, you will need to insert the following information:

  • Last four digits of your social security number
  • Your date of birth
  • The number of your account
  • If you are a U.S. citizen or not
  • A username
  • A password

Once you’ve done this, click Continue, and you are ready to proceed with connection your card to the Priceline Visa login system.

Contact Priceline Visa

If you have any questions or you need some help with registering or logging in to Priceline Visa, you can contact their help and support team by clicking on Contact Us that you see at the top of the homepage,or simply by clicking here.

For the customer service team you can call:


If you need quick information, you can get quick automated responses to the following questions:

  • Check current balance
  • Check available credit
  • Pay your credit card
  • Most recent payment
  • Minimum due date
  • Payment due date
  • Transfer a balance
  • Change your PIN
  • Check credit card transactions

To activate your credit card: 


The international phone number: 


A line for the speech/hearing impaired: 

TTY/TDD: 1-866-483-3705

Fax number



This credit card is great for people who travel often, and invest a lot of money in booking hotels, flights and everything travel related. You get a lot of benefits with the rewarding points, as well as with the discounts you have if you use the Priceline Visa Card to purchase services from their official website. Everything is very customer friendly, and you can use their online services without wasting a lot of time trying to find what you need. If you have any questions, you can use the list of phone lines we put in this guide. The automatic responses are a great way for you when you aren’t sure about something related to your card or your online presence.

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