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Sears is a chain of department stores in the United States that offers two types of credit cards for its regular shoppers. The Sears Card and the Sears Master Card. You can use the Sears credit card only in Sears locations and Kmart. When it comes to the Sears Master Card, you can use it anywhere where MasterCard is accepted. You can use the online services that SEARS offers. This is a guide for the Sears credit card login process. Once you login to Sears, you can pay bills online, track your credit card activity, as well as get some exclusive offers.

Sears Credit Card Reviews

Sears Credit Card offers some great rewards:

  • 2% back in points on eligible purchases at Sears & Kmart, and 1% back in points on all other eligible purchases
  • $150 statement credit every time you spend $2,000 in eligible purchases in the first month after your card is approved
  • 3% back in points on eligible purchases at grocery stores and restaurants, 5% back in points on eligible purchases at gas stations
  • You can use earned points to save in-store or online
  • You have the opportunity to receive Shop Your Way points for eligible purchases which are made and post to your Sears Credit Card account for 12 Months from date of account opening
  • Get 5% off or special financing on select purchases

Sears Credit Card has great benefits for the cardholders, and most people that use it are pretty happy with the card. Here are a few reviews that customers left on Wallethub:

“Once you get past the 25% introductory rate, this card has some great benefits. With discounts offered on appliances and power tools. I’ve managed to pay off my first purchase and once the rate drops, I was able to purchase a few power tools that I desperately needed. The credit application was quick and easy. This card is not for everybody, as I wouldn’t use it to purchase clothing.. but it’s perfect for what Sears

“My approval for the Sears Credit card was great as I was shopping for a new washer as mine had broken. I had no choice but to buy a new one. Annoyed at this unexpected expense, I went into Sears prepared to write a check for the purchase. I was unexpectedly surprised by the salesperson who suggested that I apply for credit instead.

I hesitated as lately I had been binge shopping and thought for

What I do like about the Sears card so far is that I can pay off the purchase price of the washer without any interest rate being applied if I do so within 18 months of purchase. The washer only cost me $599 plus tax and delivery, leaving me with some money left over to spend.

On my way home, happy with my new card and my new purchase, I thought about transferring my balance from my Citi Prestige Card and closing that account out as my Citi Prestige card has a really high $450 annual fee and carries a purchase rate of 15.24%. I am still considering that but looking at the 5% transfer fee being charged by Sears.

With the Sears card I can take advantage though of the 0% for 6-60 month intro rate on purchases to buy a matching dryer and I probably will do that once I pay off the washer. The dryer still works well, but an upgrade might be nice.

I am happy so far with the Sears credit card. I would recommend it to my friends and family.“

Login To Sears Credit Card

For a Sears credit card login, first go to:

sears credit card login

The homepage looks like this. As you can see it is pretty simple. If you already are a registered user, all you need to do is insert your User ID and password, and click on Sign On. The Seers credit card login system requires you to change our password every 60-90 days so they can improve the security on your account.

If your card isn’t registered yet, you cant login to the Sears online system. You have to register your card first. So, click on Register Your Card.

register your sears credit card

You will get on this page where you should insert the following information to register your Sears credit card:

  • The card number
  • The name as it appears on your card
  • Last four digits of your social security number

Then, press continue. After you finish the registration, you can proceed with the Sears credit card login process.

Become a Sears cardholder online

If you still don’t have a Sears card, but you’d like to have one – you can apply for one online. If you go back on the homepage, you will see the Not A Cardholder? Apply Now> button. Click on it, or simply click here. On this link, you can apply for both – a Sears credit card and a Sears master card.

apply for sears credit card

Click on Apply Now under the Sears credit card. This will take you to the application page that looks like this:

sears credit card apply

Enter all the information that Sears needs in order to become a cardholder. It’s that simple. After you become a cardholder, you can register your card as we explained, and you can use the Sears credit card login system to follow your transactions, make payments and much more.

Contact Sears Credit Card

To contact Sears Credit card with whatever questions that you have, scroll to the bottom of the Sears credit card login page.

contact sears credit card

Here, Sears provides all the information you need for help. The menu that drops takes you to a certain help and support service depending on what you need. You also have the phone numbers, e-mail contacts and the address. The website has an English and a Spanish version.


The Sears credit card login website is very plain and simple. This makes it super user friendly. Everything that you need is on the homepage, and you are just one click away or one scroll away from exactly what you need. So,if you are a Sears credit card holder you can get a lot of benefits from having a Sears login account. You can easily register your existing card, or even apply to become a cardholder- all on this same login page. Even the password/account recovery are on this same page. For better security, the online system recommends that you change your password every two to three months.