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Walmart offers two credit cards. You can either get a regular credit card, or a Walmart master card. You can use the Walmart credit card at Walmart locations or their family stores.There is a 3-2-1 reward program that comes with the card,and as a cardholder you can get rewards through this program. The card has no annual fee. As a cardholder you can also use the online services that Walmart offers, and in this guide you can learn all about the Walmart credit card login process, how to use your online account, how to apply for one and how to contact the support team for help. Let’s get started:

Walmart Credit Card Rewards

  • Save 1% anywhere where your Walmart credit card is accepted
  • Save 3% on purchases made online at
  • Save 10% (up to $25) on purchases once you open an account
  • Save 2% on Murphy Walmart & USA gas

Walmart Credit Card Reviews

Here are a few customer reviews from different review websites to give you a better insight on being a Walmart Credit card user:

“Love this card, I got it 3 months ago and I pay it off before the statement date. Never had a problem with customer service because I pay attention to the small print so there is no need to call them. I cant wait for a credit limit increase and hopefully in 12 months I will have the mastercard.”

“I started with a regular card and a low limit (300). I shopped at Wal-Mart often enough so I thought it would help me better track purchases. I followed all the general rules of keeping a low balance and paying it off. My limit was raised after 6 months to 700. I didn’t change my behaviors. After 3 months, I got a letter saying they were changing my card to a Mastercard I could use

“I currently have the Walmart credit card and it’s been a nice card. I like the fact that you can get cash out right at the register when making purchases. It does have a high interest rate, but if you use it sparingly and pay off your balance quickly, that is not an issue. You can also receive your FICO credit score if you receive electronic statements, so that’s a good way to stay up

Login to Walmart Credit Card

To start with the Walmart credit card login, click here. This is what you should see:

walmart credit card login

As you can see, through the online account management you have quite a few benefits like:

  • Paying your bill online
  • Looking into your electronic statement
  • Set up alerts for your account

For a Walmart credit card login, all you need to do is simply enter the username and password, and then click on Secure Login.

If you still haven’t registered for an account, click on Register, or just click here.

walmart credit card register

The registration process is pretty simple. Enter your credit card number, and then enter your billing zip code. After you do so, click on Register. Once you’ve created an account, you can go back and login to Walmart’s online system as a credit card holder.

Contact Walmart

For questions related to your credit card and help with your online account, you can use the link bellow. This is where you have the most frequently asked questions:

Apply For A Walmart Credit Card Online

If you still don’t have a credit card, but you would like to apply for one, go to Walmart’s official page.

Click on Credit Card from the menu on top, or just click here.

apply walmart credit card

You will see this page. Click on Apply Now.

walmart credit card apply

You can see here that in order to apply for a Walmart credit card, first you need to have a general Walmart account. If you have one, enter the login information, and if you don’t, click on Create A New Account, and proceed the registration process from there.

Cancel Walmart Credit Card

“If you need your credit card canceled ASAP, then it would be a good idea to call the customer service and cancel your card immediately. Investopedia gives the following details in regards to this matter:

Under most circumstances, you are still liable for the full outstanding credit card balance. To prevent accumulating additional charges by any other authorized users of your Walmart credit card, collect all cards issued to other authorized users and destroy them. If authorized users are in other states than the one in which you reside, notify them about your plans to close your Walmart credit card right away.

Until you fully pay your outstanding card balance, the applicable 23.65% annual percentage rate (APR) for the Walmart credit card and up to 23.65% APR (25.9% for cash advances) for the Walmart MasterCard apply to remaining balances.

Through Synchrony Bank, Walmart reports your credit card activity to the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). Closing your account may negatively impact your credit history, depending on how long you have kept your Walmart credit card. If your Walmart credit card is your oldest credit card, consider paying off the full balance and keeping your account open instead of closing it. ”


All in all, if you a responsible cardholder, then you will most likely experience just the benefits from the Walmart Credit Card, and you won’t really need to cancel anything. You can use this card an enjoy the awards at your local Walmart, or shopping online.

The Walmart Credit card has no annual fees. However, you should be aware that this card has some penalties if you don’t play by the rules. Credit cards are often what you make of them, so as long as you’re careful and keep a good track of what you spent – you will be fine.

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