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Allstate Insurance launched their website in 1995. With today’s technology their website allows you to use a lot of their services from the comfort of your home. In this article we will show you the steps of Allstate Insurance Login.

About Allstate Insurance

Allstate Insurance is the second largest insurer in the United States. The corporation is an owner of 18 companies not only in America, but also in Canada and India. Currently, 18% of the auto insurance market of the United States belongs to Allstate Insurance. The company began working in 1931. By direct mail and through the Sear catalog, Allstate started offering personal insurance. As the company gained more and more clients, their products started expanding further from just auto insurance. Today, they offer insurance for your property like homeowners insurance, warranty programs like the ones at First American, mobile home, landlord package, boat and motorcycle insurance, as well as wealth transfers. The company’s slogan is the most recognizable slogan in the United States, and the : “You’re in good hands” phrase was used for the first time back in 1950.  Allstate has a lot campaigns with this slogan.

Login to Allstate Insurance

For the Allstate Insurance login, the first thing you need to do is go on their website.

llstate-insurance-login-homepageThis is the homepage of the website. In the right corner you can see the My account login button. Click on it.


Once you click on it you can start the Allstate Insurance login by putting in your existing user ID and password, or you can register as a new member. To do that, click on the Register new account button.


This is where you can select between individual or business policy.

By clicking on the individual one, you will need to enter personal information. These include your name, birthday, the number of your policy and your social security number. After you do so, click Continue to proceed with the Allstate Insurance login.


This is the page where you register a business policy. It requires the policy number, email address and zip code. After you fill them up just click Continue.


Contacting the Allstate Insurance support

To contact the support of Allstate Insurance go back to their homepage first. Scroll down. Here you will see the Customer support and the Contact Us fields.


Customer Support gives you a lot of benefits using the Allstate Insurance login we explained before:


If you don’t have an account but you want to reach out to Allstate Insurance, you can do that with the information you have provided in the Contact Us page. You can get to this page by finding it in the menu on top as well.


Get a quote at Allstate Insurance

Getting a quote at Allstate Insurance is very simple. It is the very first thing you will see when you open their website. All that you need to do is select the product you want. Then enter the zip code and click on Get a quote.

On the next page you enter your personal info. After this step, you’ll give all the information needed about the product you want to insure. It’s as simple as that.

Quick Allstate Insurance payment

To make a quick payment on the website, follow the steps we explained to get to the Contact Us page. Or just click here.

Then, on the left you will see the Quick Payment option.

All you need to do after that is to just insert the information required.



Allstate insurance gradually grew into a business that is now spread all over the United States. Through their website, you can easily find agents near you to help you with your insurance process. The most used policy is the automobile policy, but their other products became more and more popular as well. You can use their website to get an agent, calculate rates, make payments and get quotes. Out in the market for over 80 years, Allstate covers millions of clients all over the United States.

They’ve been involved in a lot of campaigns and sponsorships. Allstate was and still is a sponsor of many sport events. In the sixties the company’s work went out of the borders of the United States, and was incorporated in Canada. Then, in 2012 they opened a technology center in India. Here they pay attention to everything that has to do with growing the business.

The good side of technology is that now you don’t have to go from one place to another to take a lot of papers in order to get an insurance policy. The website will help you do all of that with just a few clicks. So, if you are thinking about getting a policy about your car or any other property, give Allstate a look. There’s a lot more you can insure with them. They offer interesting packages for health insurance.

Another interesting thing about their website is that they have articles written for their clients. You can read tips related to business, finance, health, personal growth and a lot more. So definitely check it out!