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Unlike most of the insurance companies out there, Elephant Insurance hasn’t really been on the market since forever. In fact, it’s been there for the past 20 years. Relatively new, Elephant insurance offers policies that cover car insurance, property insurance, life insurance, AIV insurance and motorcycle insurance. You can find all of the information about their policies on their website, and you can also use their services on there. You can make an account for this, so this is a guide on the Elephant Insurance login.

Login to Elephant Insurance

To login, go on Elephant’s website first.


This is the homepage of the Elephant Insurance website. At the very top on the right, you will see the Login button. When you click on it, it directs you to this page:


If you are already a registered member, all you do is insert your email and password, and then  click the Log In button. You can recover your forgotten password on this page as well. If you aren’t a registered member, you need to do that first, so then you can go through the Elephant Insurance login we just explained. To create an account, click on the Sign Up button you can see right bellow the Log In field.


To sign up for a new account, there’s a few information you should give as a policyholder. The first thing you need is the number of your policy. Then, your last name, date of birth and the zip code. After that, just press continue. With this, you created an account to log in with and proceed using the online services of Elephant Insurance.

Get an online quote at Elephant Insurance

Getting an online Elephant Insurance quote automatically gives you a discount that goes up to 15%. You can find this option on their homepage.


The first thing you need to do to get a quote is to enter your zip code. Bellow, there is a little menu from which you can choose what you’re getting a quote for (your car, your house, life insurance quote etc.). Then just press on the Get a quote button.

Make an online payment at Elephant Insurance

Right next to the Elephant Insurance login button, you will see the Make a payment button. These two in fact stay on top no matter where the website directs you for your needs.


This will direct you to a page where you can make a quick pay.


So, for a quick pay, you insert your policy number, your zip code, answer a security question and press Continue.

Contact Elephant Insurance

If you have any questions that you can not find answered on the website, you can contact the company by calling them.

Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, and that is where you will see a Contact Us option.


Clicking here will direct you to a page with information and phone numbers you can call to contact the Elephant Insurance support team.


Elephant Insurance might be a newer insurance company, but nevertheless, it offers great services. By making an account to log in with, you get a lot of benefits. With an Elephant Insurance login you can manage your policy online. You can get the documents for your policy, make a payment, have a nice history of all your billings and print ID cards.

The website also has a blog where you can find useful articles that are related with the insurance that Elephant offers. So far the company has been awarded with being one of the 50 most engaging workplaces in the United States, as well as one of the best places to work in Virginia. In 2010 they got the Employer All Star Award. Along with the purchase of the policy, Elephant also gives you a 24/7 road assistance for any time that you need it.

Online, you can find guides about your claims, policy, about using the roadside assistance, and pretty much everything else that you need. The most important services the website offers are always in front of you, no matter where the website directs you, which makes it easy for you to find your way around it. The website has a neat section with frequently asked questions in the Customers menu, and this one you might find very informative, too.