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GEICO Insurance was founded in Texas in 1936, originally to provide insurance to federal government employees and their families. You might know of them since as a company, they have a lot of memorable commercials. GEICO is currently the second biggest US insurer. The company covers every country in the United States, plus the Columbia district. In 1974 GEICO started selling policies not only for government employees, but to the general public as well. Despite the fact that GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company, the company was never affIt sells insurance over the phone, online and on their website, as well as through local agents. You can use their services online, through their website, with a simple GEICO Insurance login. Here’s the steps on how to do it.

Login to GEICO Insurance

For a GEICO Insurance Login, first go on the GEICO website. geico-insurance-homepageSo, as you can see, the homepage looks pretty neat. Everything is well organized in this minimalistic space that’s very easy on the eye, so it won’t be very hard to get what you need. Especially because you won’t have to dig through menus. At the corner on the right, you will see the GEICO Log In button. Click on it.

geico-insurance-login-buttonIf you already have an account, you can login to GEICO right there where it says Access Your Policy. You select the type of policy you have, and enter the user ID and password. However, in the Log In area you can do more than a GEICO Insurance login. Apart from being able to register, right bellow you can see the Express Services. We’ll get into them a bit later.

So, to register, click on the Create Your Account button.


On this page, you put the policy number, your birth date and zip code, and then press Continue. On the right there’s the Online Access Benefits, and right there you can see all the benefits you have from a GEICO Insurance login. You can view your policy online, pay your bill, and much more.

Contact GEICO Insurance

On the website’s homepage, GEICO has the Information menu. Here you can find info about the company, about the claims, about savings you can make, but you can also find information on how to contact them if you have some more questions. So, just move the cursor towards the Information spot, and at the bottom you can see the Contact Us option.


As you can see here, you can contact them by mail, on Twitter, their mobile app, over the phone, and even reach out to the local agents.

Get a quote at GEICO

You can get an online quote right on the homepage as well. In a very neat menu right in front of you, you can pick a quote for different things: your car, your housing, boat, life insurance and much more. Then you just enter your zip code and proceed with getting a quote.

Make a payment online

You can pay your GEICO expenses online. You can do it with or without a GEICO Insurance Login. At the Information menu we mentioned earlier, there is a Tools&Resources option. Once you click on it, you can see the Make A Payment option. Click on it as well.

pay-online-geico-insurance-loginThis will direct you to a page where you can make the payment by logging in to GEICO Insurance, or without having an account.



Maybe most people would like to simply use the service of paying their policy online. Which is great and it requires no login at GEICO Insurance. However, having an account for a GEICO Insurance Login brings you more benefits than being a user without an account. You can manage your policies, keep a nice track on discounts and agents, etc. So, if you use any of their policies, definitely consider creating an account. It’s fast and easy, and with the clean design on the website, totally great to use.

As a company, GEICO doesn’t just offer policies to the government employees/general public. They also give a lot of support to environmental movements like Go Green. GEICO sponsors motosport, and supports education by giving scholarships.