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Known as one of the largest insurance companies in the world, Nationwide Insurance has a long history behind. Nationwide offers life policies, casualty policies and domestic property policies. They also handle retirement savings and help with strategic investments and managing assets. The company has been on the market since 1926. Not so long after, the initial Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company started to expand and in 1955 it became Nationwide. After this the company that was located in Ohio started to expand to other places as well, starting with Oregon. Today you can get informed and purchase Nationwide’s policies on their website. Here is a guide for the Nationwide Insurance login.

Login to Nationwide Insurance

For a Nationwide Insurance Login, go on their official website. You can see the Log In/Sign Up green button at the top.

nationwide-insurance-login-homepageHere, you can pick the type of account that you have depending on the policy you’ve purchased. Then you can log in with your username and password. If you don’t have an account, this is where you sign up for one.


So, as same as when you login at Nationwide, you have to pick the type of account when you sign up. This depends on the policy that you have. Then you will proceed to enter information that will verify your identity, and finally sign up. As you can see with the Nationwide Insurance login you can access your policy and pay or make changes online.

Contact the Nationwide Insurance Support

Right above the green Log In/Sign Up button you can see the Contact Us button. You can go there if you want the contact the Support of Nationwide Insurance.


Even here just like with the Nationwide Insurance login and sign up, everything is separated depending on the type of policy that you have. Therefore, Nationwide will direct you to professionals that can more specifically help you with the questions you have.

Get a quote at Nationwide Insurance

You can easily get a Nationwide Insurance quote online. The company has the quote field on the homepage.

get-quote-nationwise-insuranceYou start with entering your zip code. Then you will go through entering the rest of the information step by step. Here you can also retrieve a quote or find an agent to consult with.

Pay online

Nationwide’s website put these options on the homepage which makes it so easy to navigate and get what you need. So right there you can see these few options:


All of these options are a part of the member services menu.

If you click on  Pay your bill just by entering a few information you can easily clear out a bill for the month.

Pay online without logging in

Nationwide allows you to pay your policy online even without having an account to log in with. You can do that by clicking the more ways to pay button in the member services menu.


You can see a few things here. There’s other methods you can use to pay for your policy (by phone, by mail etc.) but you can also pay without having an account. So, click on the Pay without logging in option. Then proceed to enter details about your policy and make your transaction.


Nationwide is a company with years and years of experience. The services that Nationwide offers expanded from simple auto insurance, to life insurance and other properties. Today, you can get both insurance and financial services at Nationwide. Their website stands out from most of the others. The most basic stuff are at the front, so you can see them right away. Everything is divided into sections according to the services you are there for.

There’s many ways you can reach out to them, and there’s also many ways you can pay the policy. You can do that even without an account. However, being a registered member allows you to have access to a lot of other things that have to do with your policy all by just a Nationwide Insurance login. You can have access to your papers, or retrieve a quote as well as manage different accounts for different insurance policies.

The insurance company isn’t just famous for its policies. In 2007, Nationwide donated 50 million dollars to the Columbus Children’s hospital (now called Nationwide Children’s Hospital) and to this day carries the legacy of helping children.

As a member of Nationwide you get a membership reward. The company teamed up with Plenti. Being a partner with them gives you rewarding points that you can then use in different payments that are also Plenti partners.