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Known as one of the largest insurance companies in the world, Nationwide Insurance has a long history behind. Nationwide offers life policies, casualty policies and domestic property policies. They also handle retirement savings and help with strategic investments and managing assets. The company has been on the market since 1926. Not so long after, the initial Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company started to expand and in 1955 it became Nationwide. After this the company that was located in Ohio started to expand to other places as well, starting with Oregon. The company offers pet insurance as well. Today you can get informed and purchase Nationwide’s policies on their website. Here is a guide for the Nationwide Pet Insurance login.

Login to Nationwide Pet Insurance

Apart from their official website, Nationwide has another one for the pet insurance policies. So, for your pet insurance account, go to: .


This is the homepage. On the very top there is a menu where you can find the My Account option. Click on it.


It will direct you to the Nationwide login page. If you have an account, you enter your ID and password and proceed by clicking Log In. Right bellow you can recover your lost password. At the bottom you can see the Create an account field for new users that have no account. Click on it.


So, to register to Nationwide Pet Insurance, you need to enter information that you already have on paper as a user of their policy. They include your policy number, zip, first and last name and phone number. Then click Next.

Get a Nationwide Pet Insurance quote online

To get an online quote at Nationwide Pet Insurance, go back to the homepage. From the menu on top, click on the Get a quote option.


This will direct you to a page where you should give more information about the quote you want to get. It looks like this:


Contact Nationwide Pet Insurance

To contact the company for further questions, you can call the number they have right at their homepage. For more ways to reach out to them, click on the Contact Us button that you can see from any page you are at. It directs you to the information you need if you want to send them an e-mail, or have a more particular question.



You can find the information you need and the policies Nationwide offers on their website. They’re separated into a few groups: dog, cat, bird and exotic pet insurance. Their policies cover different conditions in pets that need treatment. On their website, you can find a chart on the ones that Nationwide covers. You also have the option to do a pet insurance comparison, as well as get information about the three policy plans you can choose from. Currently, there isn’t an option to pay for your pet insurance policy online, but you could contact Nationwide and see if there are alternative methods.

In fact, Nationwide are the pioneers in pet insurance. They introduced the pet insurance policies back in 1982. Every year since then, they try to improve their services, offering their clients policies for insuring their pet. As the company says, they make sure to provide you everything you need, understanding that your pet is not just a pet, but it is a loved and valued part of your family.

Having a Nationwide Pet Insurance login account makes it easier for you to manage your policy, renew policies, check claims, as well as have their newsletter with useful information about pets and pet insurance.