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Originally founded in 1845 in New York under the name Nautilius Insurance, this company provided insurance for people. Then, in 1849 the company became what we know today as New York Life Insurance. It is America’s largest mutual insurance company. This means that the company isn’t publicly traded, and it has no shareholders. The ones who share the ownership rights in this case, are the policy owners. The company has 120 offices across the United States. They offer retirement solutions, insurance investment. as well as expert guidance. You can be a member of their online system. This a guide for the New York Life Insurance login.

Login to New York Life Insurance

Go to


This is the homepage of the website. To log in to your account click on My Account.


On this page, you can enter your username and password, and by pressing Sign In, the New York Insurance login process is over. Right under that, there’s the option to recover your account in case you have lost your username or password. If you are not a registered member yet, you can click on I’m a new user to become one.


It directs you to this page for membership registration. NY Life Insurance requires information about your date of birth, policy number that you have as a policy holder, the last four digits of your social security number and your last name. After you’ve entered the information, just press Continue.

Contact New York Life Insurance

Right next to the New York Life Insurance login option, there’s the Contact option.


As you can see, you can reach out to New York Life Insurance by calling them, emailing them, or following their social media accounts.

New York Life Insurance’s website is a little different than most websites on life insurance out there. Mostly in what the website itself, offers to the user. The applying for an online quote is not directly on the website. Same goes for making payments. However, the website offers you useful information and guides about the policies they provide. Its built in such a way that it’s almost like a personal guide or an insurance agent, and it will guide you step by step through presenting you their services. This way you can easily see what you need for yourself, and what fits your needs best. The company covers a wide range of products. So, the website is definitely a great guide not just for potential users, but for existing users and policyholders from the company. So, if you are interested in getting a life insurance policy, check them out.