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The General Automobile Insurance Services, Inc. is also commonly called The General. It is an authorized insurance organization whose parent company is PGC Holdings Corp. (PGC). The General concentrates on car insurance. The company is also affiliated with the American Family Insurance, though it operates separately. The General has some expertise in protecting high-risk drivers, whose premiums are commonly more expensive. The handling of the company’s site can sometimes be tricky, this is why we help to find General Auto Insurance Login and other information on their website.

The General’s major operations are in Nashville, Tennessee, but the company also has a few physical stores all throughout Louisiana and private offices in California, Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Ohio, Texas, and Florida among others.

Customer service hours (Central Time) for General Insurance are:

  • Monday to Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Current policyholders of The General Insurance can see policy details (such as covered drivers, special coverage, and premium amount) by signing into their “MyPolicy” account. Once signed in, clients can also make installments, print/ask for identification cards, get free quotes, make improvements to their policy, and perform other account management activities. If you do not have an online account yet, follow the steps in the guide underneath to register your policy. The mobile application can be utilized to access data by means of iOS or Android-powered cell phones (for example, your smartphone or tablet).

The General offers accident coverage online guaranteed by the accompanying insurance agencies Permanent General Assurance Corporation of Ohio, Permanent General Assurance Corporation, and The General Automobile Insurance Company, Inc. A.M. Best has assessed these insurance companies for their financial dependability with evaluations of A-.

The General offers collision protection for drivers who have had a past filled with driving infringement or accidents, have not kept up with their insurance, or do not have perfect credit. Thus, you can still get a decent cost to cover your car.

The General Insurance understands that you have different things you need to spend your cash on. This is why its objective is to offer an excellent down payment to each policyholder. It can accept payments with a credit card as well as electronic checks in a few states.

It has merged its payment plans with an electronic validation of the driver’s data and vehicle’s data when you are purchasing the policy.

Its claims and policy service associations are centered on serving the client as part of its formula for success.

How to Login

  1. By using the link, you can open the main page of The General Auto Insurance.The General Auto Insurance Login
  2. On the homepage, you will find a section labeled Manage My Policy which has two fields that have to be filled.The General Auto Insurance Login Form
  3. Fill the first area by punching in your policy number or email number, whichever suits you or is more convenient.
  4. Put your password in the second bar.
  5. Press login so that you can log into your account on The General Insurance website.
  6. If you forget your password, just look on the sign-in web page, where you will find the “Forgot your password?” option. Click on this link, and you will be asked to enter your email address or policy number and click “Continue” to get to the next step. After entering your details, you will be emailed a temporary password. When you use the temporary password to log in, you will be asked to set a new password which will be used to login in the future.

The General Auto Insurance forgot password for login

How to Contact the Support

For your convenience, on the homepage of the insurance site, two options are provided to the customers to contact support and get help.

The General Auto Insurance contact the support

  1. You can contact it via the telephone number it has provided on the website. Give it a call through that contact number, and it can solve your problems through the call or give you an appointment.
  2. The second is the “call me” option. All you have to do is press this button, and you will be provided with two options regarding what your query might be related to, i.e., sales or customer service. Choose the relevant option. Furthermore, it will ask you to enter your phone number and specify a time when you are free so that a representative could call you at your desired time.

How to Make a Payment

  1. The quotes mention the amount of down payment that has to be made.
  2. Future payments are to be paid monthly.
  3. The monthly and down payments can be made with credit cards. Some states of America are now also accepting electronic checks, so that is another option that you have. Check what is acceptable in your state.

How to Get a Free Quote

  1. Open the following link which is going to open a page where you can input your information and get free quotes that are competitive in the market.

The General Auto Insurance get a quote without logging in

  1. Put the zip code of the area where the vehicles you are getting insurance for are parked. Make sure that the car is not parked outside of the state you are going to mention in the next steps.
  2. Specify if you want anyone to be excluded from the quote by clicking “yes” for excluding and “no” for not banning anyone. List down every possible person who is going to be using the car now and then so that they can be covered too.
  3. Tell them if you had any liability insurance coverage in the last five years by choosing from the options of no, deployed overseas in the military; no, others; yes, no lapse; yes, less than one month lapse; and yes, more than one month lapse. Having current liability insurance coverage gives a discount to your quote.
  4. If you choose “no” as the option, the next step is to specify the type of residence that you have. The options range from rent, own home, own condo, own a mobile home and other.
  5. Describe your credit by choosing good, average or fair so that the company can have a good idea of what they are dealing with.
  6. If you choose the option “yes: to step 4, you will be asked to tell how long you have been insured. You can make a choice between less than six months, six months to one year, one year to four years, and five years and more.
  7. Tell them what the bodily injury limits were on your previous policy by choosing less than $50,000/100,000, $50,000/100,000 or greater than $50,000/100,000.
  8. The next two steps are the same as step five and six above where you have to mention your type of residence and describe your credit.
  9. Press continue after completing these steps.
  10. After finishing all the steps from general info, you are led to the “Drivers” page. The first step here is to put in your date of birth.
  11. Then, select your gender.
  12. Specify your marital status.
  13. Mention if you need an SR22 to prove financial responsibility by clicking either yes or no.
  14. Click yes or no to tell if you had any accident or violation in the last thirty-six months.
  15. Include all the drivers that are being covered by adding drivers in the bar.
  16. Click continue, and you would be led to the next page of “vehicles.”
  17. Select the vehicle year.
  18. Specify the vehicle make.
  19. Mention the model of the car that you are getting insured.
  20. Choose the vehicle type.
  21. Answer if the vehicle is owned, financed, or leased.
  22. Choose between yes and no to tell if the vehicle has been used in the course of business other than to and from work.
  23. Click continue to get the quotes. The initial quote contains only the minimum coverage required by your state. Also, financed or leased vehicles include Comprehensive and Collision coverages. Moreover, you get to compare the quotes provided by them with other companies.

This insurance company has provided its users with a website which looks like a complete package. With its superior technology, The General Insurance can give its customers a very competitive quote that is comparable with other companies. After logging into your MyPolicy account, you can access a lot of different data. You can look into your payment plan and how you can pay the down payment and monthly payments that are given when you apply for the quotes. The General Insurance tells you how much down payment and future payments would be required for the insurance that you have chosen for your vehicles.

To make things easier for its customers, the company has developed a mobile app for both Android and Apple users, which can be downloaded and thus, the user can experience all this on their smartphones or other smart devices. Hence, users can always know anything they want about their insurance.