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In 1999, USAA Insurance launched their website, and started their Internet Sales. If you are a policy holder and want to use their services online, here is a guide to the USAA Insurance login.

USAA Insurance was founded in 1992 by a group of army officers in the United States. The goal was to provide mutual self insurance, because other companies wouldn’t provide this for them. This was because as army officers, they considered them a high risk group. To this day, the company has a target group out on the market, and it is USA military members and their immediate family. You can see a list of people that can get a policy on their website. This list includes FBI and secret service agents as well.

USAA Insurance offers automobile, umbrella&personal property, as well as homeowners insurance. It offers pretty much what any other insurance company would, only that it targets a specific group of people. USAA is one of the pioneer companies of direct marketing. Most of the business is happening online or through the phone. It’s conducted by actual employees, not agents.

Login to USAA Insurance

The first step is to go to their website:


To login to USAA Insurance, click on Log On. You’ll see this little window open. If you are already a member, you just enter your ID and password, and click Log On. If you aren’t, click on Register to become one.


As you can see, the first thing you are asked is if you are a member of USAA. Afterwards, there are more information you need to enter. After you finish, you will have a  USAA membership, and you can proceed with the USAA Insurance login to the website.

If you noticed, in the Log On window, there is a Security Center. This security center provides you with the option secure your online account even more. It also provides articles with information about security and how to protect yourself online.

Contact USAA Insurance

To contact USAA Insurance, click Help from their homepage menu.



It will direct you to this page. Here you can see phone numbers you can call, as well as information about calling from international. There’s a contact and support center, and info about the ATMs and locations. Everything is put there and you get detailed help on what you need.

Get a free USAA Insurance quote online

To do this, simply scroll down on the homepage.


Then click on Get A Free Quote.

You will notice though, that you would have to be logged in to proceed with getting a quote, since the security of the website is stronger than it usually would be on an insurance websites and the online services they provide.


USAA insurance offers a lot to a group of people that puts their life on the line. Which explains the security measures and the way the website runs. However, the website is very neat and easy to use. It has a simple design. USAA also has a mobile application through which you can send money and pay bills. The company provides great programs not just for military members, but for their immediate family too. So, if you or someone you know can benefit from their services, definitely check it out.