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MidFlorida bank was founded in 1954, and its headquarters are in Lakeland, Florida. The bank is currently the fourth largest credit union in the state with almost $10 billion assets. As a member you can access their services through their online banking system. In this article you can learn about the MidFlorida online banking login process, as well as the wire transfers of the bank.

MidFlorida Bank Reviews

MidFlorida’s customers are more or lass happy with their bank. Here are a few reviews from MidFlorida clients posted on Wallethub.

“I recently moved from WellsFargo to Midflorida using their invective program and so far I love it. When calling wellsfargo, I had to wait on the line and was never directly helped on my problem. It was always turning into a can we sign you up for this or that. The first day I opened my account at MidFlorida, I was given a business card and email. They were spot on with customer service. Your calls and emails are returned very quickly. My only downside is I have to start with one of their basic accounts. Other than that it has been a great experience.”

“Mid-Florida is great! I have an auto loan from them in which they gave me a fair interest rate. I have never had to incur any hidden charge as they have always been up front with me. Credit Unions are by far very nice to their community. This bank even offers free popcorn in the lobby! I enjoy going to the bank which is something a lot of people cannot say!”

“I have been a loyal customer of MidFlorida Credit Union, Winter Haven branch for 8 years. Overall, the customer service is excellent. All of the tellers and representatives are very supportive and resolve any issue efficiently and professionally with courtesy. The online banking customer service is also exceptional, offering me 24/7 service for my checking and savings accounts. A week ago, I had an issue with my payments account, but thanks to the awesome team of experts, it was cleared within an hour. Finally, the best part of MidFlorida Credit Unions is that they have convenient drive through systems available from 7AM to 7PM. I get what I need when I need it. Overall, I am proud to do business with MidFlorida Credit Union.”

“MidFlorida bank is great. I met with the loan officer and the paperwork was very easy to fill out. I was approved and the loan was in my bank account in a matter of one day. The bank was willing to work with me about my personal income and work out an affordable payment plan option for me. They also got me a very good and comparable interest rate. I have no regrets that I decided to get a loan through mid-florida bank!”

Login To MidFlorida Online Banking

To start with the MidFlorida login, first go to the following page:

midflorida online banking login

You can login to the MidFlorida online banking system right on the homepage. Just enter your username and your password and press Login.

If you still don’t have an account, but you’d like to create one, click on Open an account.

You will be directed towards further information for creating a MidFlorida  account.

Contact MidFlorida Bank

To contact MidFlorida bank for help, click on Contact Us right bellow the login section.

contact midflorida online banking

This will direct you to a page with e-mails and phone numbers you can use to reach out to MidFlorida Bank.

MidFlorida Bank Wire Transfer

MidFlorida Bank allows both international and domestic wire transfers.

MidFlorida Routing Numbers

The following are routing numbers for MidFlorida Bank:

Routing Number Bank Address** State, Zip
 263179804 MIDFLORIDA FCU P.O.BOX 8008 LAKELAND Florida, 33802
263177563 MIDFLORIDA FED C U P.O.BOX 8008 LAKELAND Florida, 33802
263179804 MIDFLORIDA FED C U P.O. BOX 8008 LAKELAND Florida, 33802
267083239 MIDFLORIDA FED C U P.O.BOX 8008 LAKELAND Florida, 33802
263179804 MIDFLORIDA FED CU P.O. BOX 8008 LAKELAND Florida, 33802

MidFlorida Bank SWIFT Code

MidFlorida does not have a SWIFT code, however, you can still make international bank transfers through a corresponding USA bank.


The great services that MidFlorida Bank offers, are simply becoming more accessible to you with the MidFlorida Bank online banking system. This is going to save you time, money and energy spent on waiting in lines. Whatever it is that you need to setup at MidFlorida bank can be very simple. From the process of checking to the process of registering for an online account. With the online banking service you are going to have an easy access of your bank accounts at MidFlorida Bank at any time of the day. One of their customers stated:

“I actually have 8 different accounts with MidFlorida. I primarily do all my banking online and getting set-up with them to create all those accounts was a snap! Of course there is a lot of initial paperwork, as it is with any bank, but they really try to make the application process simple and painless as possible. I have only ever had to call customer service about three times to ask a question or ask for help with something and each time they have been very quick to answer and they have always solved my problem. I like banking here!”

This pretty much tells you everything that you need to know. If you’re searching for a user friendly website and a client oriented bank, then MidFlorida is a great choice for you. The interest rates are low and affordable, and even the most complicated documents are easy to go through. MidFlorida really does try to make everything as friendly to the customer as possible.

Whatever problem you end up with will be resolved really quickly and efficiently, as MidFlorida isn’t the biggest bank out there, so it does have the space to connect with its clients. If this is something that you as a customer find important, then give MidFlorida Bank a check (no pun intended)!

The bank is great for both, business and personal banking, as well as taking loans that aren’t so big. So, small loans are a yes at MidFlorida.

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