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SunTrust is an American bank holding company. It was established in 1981 in Atlanta, and the headquarters of the bank are still there. The bank offers services like lending, trust and investment, bank deposits and credit card services, mortgage banking and wealth management. SunTrust is famous for having a long-standing relationship with the Coca Cola company. As their client, you can use their services online, including online banking. In this article we will explain all about the SunTrust online banking login, and how to use it.

SunTrust Online Banking Reviews

SunTrust by the reviews of the clients does seem like a solid financial institution.

“For their Essential Checking all you need in $500 per month in direct deposits -or- a $500 monthly balance -or- 10 debit card transactions. The lowest requirements in my 15-bank research.  Online messaging is very helpful, and they even have a chat option. Both I recommend highly because I cannot stand using the telephone anymore because of all those options…press 1 for this then 2 for that and 1 for this and so on. Chats and messages are GREAT.”

“I truly think Suntrust offers some exceptional services as a banking institution. I feel safe in trusting my hard earned money with them and have had several occasions where they’ve contacted me the minute something suspicious has shown up on my account. They are always quick to rectify any potential threat so that my banking continues uninterrupted. The staff at their various branches near me are always pleasant, courteous, and knowledgeable in their field. I have both a savings and checking with Suntrust and have my work paycheck direct deposited into my account every pay day so there are no maintenance fees in my account. Most of my family banks with Suntrust and I would recommend it to anyone else.”

“I love my suntrust account because it is reliable and has easy user friendly internet access. The accounts are visible in the dashboard and the esthetics are pleasing. I would recommend this account for anyone, no fees or hidden charges.”

These are just a few of the positive experience reviews that you can find online.

Login to SunTrust Online Banking

For a SunTrust online banking login, first to to the SunTrust Online Banking website. It looks like this:

login suntrust online banking

To login to the online banking system, just enter  user ID and password and click Sign On. If you still don’t have an account, and you would like to create one, click on Sign Up. 

sign up suntrust online banking

As you can see you have three options to choose from: SunTrust debit card, SunTrust personal credit card and SunTrust account. Click on the one that you want to sign up for and then on Begin enrollment.

Once you start the process of signing up to the SunTrust online banking, you will have to insert the following information:

  • For a SunTrust debit card: debit card number, debit card PIN & social security number
  • For a SunTrust account: the type of account, the number of your account, your zip code and your social security number.
  • For a SunTrust credit card: zip code, social security and credit card number, as well as the expiration number of the credit card

Once you’re done signing up and creating an account, you can go back and proceed with the SunTrust Bank login.

Contact SunTrust Bank

For help about the SunTrust services, you can contact their support team. To do that go on their website:

Scroll down the home page that has a link that takes you to the SunTrust help center.

This is also something you can find if you search for relevant contact information:

If you have Online Banking, you may sign on to see and print your check copies or you can call us at 1-800-SUNTRUST (1-800-786-8787) to request them by mail. You can find detailed information on how to find your routing number on the Routing Transit Information page in the Checking section of Personal Banking.


SunTrust Wire Transfer

SunTrust provides both – international and domestic wire transfers, both very easily and quickly done.

The following are instructions about a domestic wire transfer at SunTrust:

Bank Name : SunTrust Bank
Wire Transfer Routing Number : 061000104
Account Holder Name : Your Name
Account Number :  Number Of Your Bank Account
Bank Address, with City & State: SunTrust Bank
303 Peachtreet Street, Northeast,
Atlanta, GA 30308

The incoming fee for a domestic wire transfer at SunTrust is $15 for each incoming, and $50 for each outgoing transaction.

These are the information that you can use for a SunTrust international wire transfer:

Bank Name : SunTrust Bank
SWIFT/BIC Code for SunTrust Bank: SNTRUS3A
Routing Transit Number: 061000104
Bank Address, City & State : SunTrust Bank
303 Peachtreet Street, Northeast,
Atlanta, GA 30308
Beneficiary Account Number :  SunTrust Bank account number
Beneficiary Name: The name of the account

SunTrust Bank Swift Code

The swift code for SunTrust bank is SNTRUS3A.

SunTrust Bank Routing Number

SunTrust has eight routing numbers you can use, and you can find them down bellow:

Routing Num Process FedACH Process Fedwire Located Registered Name
061000104 Y Y Orlando, FL Suntrust
051000020 Y N Orlando, FL Suntrust
053100465 Y N Orlando, FL Suntrust
055002707 Y N Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank
061100790 Y N Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank, Northwest Ga
063102152 Y N Orlando, FL Suntrust
063106750 Y N Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank/ Skylight
064000046 Y N Orlando, FL Suntrust



SunTrust is a bank that seems to make their customers happy with all of the services that it offers, including the online banking. Getting into it is very easy, and the website is very user friendly. Making payments, keeping track of your accounts and keeping in touch with the bank has never been easier! All you need to do is register for an account and then proceed with a SunTrust bank login just as we explained in this article. The satisfied clients and the great services that SunTrust has are definitely something to consider. The reviews show that a bigger part of the SunTrust Bank clients are satisfied with what they get.

If you want to know more about the bank apart from the online banking (as a potential client), you can visit the SunTrust Bank official website:

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